About Us

Our Society's Mission

Monk Society is a Plant-Based Fast-Food joint committed to delivering tasty and cruelty-free grub straight from the underground 🌱

Plant-based food isn’t just for Vegans, it is for everyone. 

We aim to change the misconception that a Plant-Based diet is limiting (don't be hating on salad tho ☝️) by encouraging Society to choose animal product alternatives.

Being part of our Society not only means becoming the ultimate version of yourself, but to be conscious of your impact on the planet, where all living things deserve to live.  


As we evolve, so should our food. 

Inspired by fast-food classics, Monk Society has taken the "guilty" out of "guilty pleasures" and has Veganized  these favorites for all.

Our promise is simple: We refuse to compromise on taste nor the well-being of the planet and animals. 

True story: Even them non-vegans be trippin' .

*Side note: We try to use organic produce as much as possible from local suppliers.

Underground Gang

A Montreal + Melbourne Collab

Helena - Montreal girl obsessed with the earth.

Bec - Some Australian chick who loves the ocean.